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Perk understands retail shareholders - mainly young millennial and older gen-z traders. We help you leverage this new market trend to your advantage. 

Connect with shareholders, form community, and convert investors into loyal customers using Shareholder Rewards and Perks.
Perk Helps You

Leverage Shareholder Rewards To

Get More Retail Investors
Retail investors are sticky, vote with management, minimize volatility, and make managements lives easier. Shareholder rewards get more invested.
Convert Investors into Customers
Shareholder rewards allow you to tap the millions of retail investors in your company, converting them into loyal customers. ROI is for Perk Programs shadows many other loyalty programs.
Attract Gen-Z
Many retail investors are young m
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Attract the next generation of investor and convert to a loyal customer all with one platform.

A modern way to maximize the lifetime value of you retail investors.
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