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Norwegian Cruise Line Shareholder Benefit / Discount - Facts and FAQs

Published On
May 9, 2022
Written by
James LePage
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James LePage
Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Perk

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LTD. is part of a group of cruise line companies that offer discounts to their shareholders.  Norwegian is an American company that was founded in 1966 and headquartered in Miami.  They own several different cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Number of Shares Needed to Redeem: 100 shares

Summary of Reward

Shareholders who qualify will be able to receive a:

  • $250 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 15 days or more. 
  • $100 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 7 to 14 days. 
  • $50 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 6 days or less.

How to Redeem

In order to receive the credit, a shareholder must download an application at  Fill out this application, provide proof of ownership of the shares, then e-mail or mail the form to one of the following:

Norwegian Cruise Line Shareholder Benefit Department

7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, FL 33126

[email protected]


Oceania Cruises
Shareholder Benefit Department

7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, FL 33126

[email protected]


Regent Seven Seas Cruises Shareholder Benefit Department

1401 NW 136th Avenue, Suite 101 Sunrise, FL 33323

[email protected]

The request has to be received by their office at least 15 days before the start of the cruise that you are trying to get an onboard credit for.  On the form, you will be expected to provide your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, ship and sailing date, and a photocopy of your shareholder proxy card or photocopy of a current brokerage statement.

Restrictions, Other Information, and FAQs

Ownership of Shares

You must own the 100 shares of Norwegian for at least two months before you apply for the shareholder perk.  The shares have to be held by the person who is applying.  A person cannot get the discount for a friend or family member.  The brokerage statement must show that at least 100 shares are held directly by the individual.  They cannot be owned as part of a mutual fund, for example.

What Can the Credit be Used for?

Onboard credits can be used for purchases of drinks, food, souvenirs, excursions, or other types of onboard purchases.  It cannot be applied towards an unpaid cruise balance.  It's also important to note that onboard credits are rarely transferrable; they cannot be "saved up" and used on another future cruise.  

What kind of proof of ownership for the shares do I have to show?

A photocopy of a brokerage statement is fine.  It's important to note, however, that the shares have to be owned directly by the person applying for the onboard credit.  The office that processes the claims is looking for a line on a brokerage statement that shows ownership of 100 shares of NCLH. If you own a mutual fund that owns NCLH as part of its holdings, the shares do not count; even if you can prove that you "own" 100 shares or more of the stock.

Can I get multiple credits if I own more than 100 shares?

In short, no.  Each shareholder can qualify for one onboard credit per cruise.  If you want to qualify for multiple onboard credits, you will need to transfer shares to those individuals at least two months prior to the time that they need to apply for a credit.

My wife and I each own 100 shares of NCLH.  Can we each get our own credit?

The way the offer is written, it's only possible to claim one onboard credit per cabin, not per person.  


The onboard credit for Norwegian Cruise Lines is defiantly one of the nicer shareholder perks available on the market, but it is important to give yourself enough time to apply and qualify for the credit.  If you cruise frequently it's possible that this perk will pay for itself in the amount that you spend on shares, but as with all investments, it's important to be cautious when investing.

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