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We connect you to companies offering Shareholder Rewards. Here’s how.
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Sign up for the ShareClub Platform and connect your brokerage to browse rewards.
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Browse rewards available to you, based on your account holdings. Explore others to unlock.
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Redeem Perks and claim them on the company website, rewards app, or other system.

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Sign up for the ShareClub Platform by connecting your brokerage to browse rewards.

Save Perks for Later

If you use a Perk frequently, you can save it to the ShareClub Wallet for easy access. Coming soon; integration with Apple Wallet.

Redeem Directly With Companies

We integrate directly with many partners, allowing you to push your perk (discount code, free item) directly to their Rewards App or website.

Experience the same access that institutional investors have enjoyed for decades

Institutional investors have been able to have unprecedented access to the companies that they own.
Now, it’s time for retail investors to have the same perks.

What Are Perks?

Perks and Shareholder Rewards vary depending on the company that offers them. Here are some common ones ▶︎

Corporate Experiences

Experience the same access as Institutions: Facilities tours, office meet and greets, special events and more.

Free Gifts

Get free products, gifts, and samples from companies and brands to better understand the products that drive the revenue behind your investments.


Get discounts from established brands to make products more accessible to verified investors using the ShareClub Platform.

Direct Access

In some situations, officers may meet with investors in a one-on-one meeting to take advice and answer questions.

Special Messages

Many companies choose to send special messages and announcements to their investors via the Perk Platform.

Shareholder Clubs

Popular in France, American companies are beginning to offer Shareholder Clubs, giving members a better understanding the business and brands.

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British Companies That Offer Shareholder Benefits in 2022
On: August 23, 2022
Many British companies offer their shareholders additional benefits beyond merely investment appreciation. Each company has its own benefits offerings, as well as an individual application/eligibility process for accessing these benefits. Our list includes some of the most popular British companies that offer shareholder benefits at this time.  Please be aware that deadlines for these benefits […]
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What Are The Most Common Types of Shareholder Rewards?
On: July 21, 2022
Shareholder Rewards are special benefits or perks available to shareholders of some public companies, who verify that they meet the minimum conditions of the reward. In this article, we're going to take a look at what some common types of shareholder rewards are, and some of the companies that offer them. Coupon and Voucher Codes […]
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How Do Conditions for Shareholder Rewards Work?
On: July 12, 2022
Many companies that offer shareholder rewards through the ShareClub Platform set minimums, or conditions, that shareholders must meet to become eligible for the reward. In this article, we're going to take a look at the types of conditions that companies set, why, and how they work. Conditions For Shareholder Rewards Let's take a look at […]
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IHG Shareholder Benefit / Rewards - 2022
On: May 9, 2022
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a company that owns multiple hotel chains and individual properties all over the world. The chain owns such brands as Holiday Inn, Kimpton and InterContinental, as well as numerous smaller chains and boutique hotels.  While the recent pandemic put a damper on the travel industry as a whole, the pent-up […]
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